I love the smell of sawdust in the morning!  So, I decided to dedicate an entire page to it….of sorts.  My Sawdust page is a collection of all the scraps that hit the cutting room floor, but didn’t quite make the final cut {woodworking humor) for the initial website content. 

Mixed with a bit of tips and tricks, leftover photos, Randyisms, memes and more, go ahead and roll around in some Sawdust!  You know you want to!


If you’re good at building things, then you’ve probably had  a request to build something for someone who doesn’t quite understand the amount of time and labor that goes into such requests. 


I keep my shop organized and tidy, but it’s not unusual to misplace something from time to time.


I love nature! I always see it for what it is, and for what it can be. 

A meme is a terrible thing to waste.